Antigua And Barbuda Exports By Country

This page displays a table with Antigua And Barbuda Exports By Country in U.S. dollars, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade.

Value Year
United States $3.76M 2018
United Arab Emirates $2.99M 2018
Dominica $1.84M 2018
Netherlands $1.59M 2018
Saint Maarten $1.15M 2018
Saint Lucia $753.03K 2018
Barbados $542.02K 2018
St Kitts and Nevis $472.63K 2018
St Vincent and the Grenadines $459.40K 2018
United Kingdom $455.19K 2018
Montserrat $413.58K 2018
British Virgin Islands $335.77K 2018
France $296.63K 2018
Thailand $164.07K 2018
Belize $136.05K 2018
Trinidad And Tobago $130.38K 2018
Anguilla $56.17K 2018
Malaysia $53.56K 2018
Panama $52.08K 2018
Canada $39.84K 2018
Hong Kong $38.99K 2018
Mexico $35.03K 2018
Cayman Islands $32.39K 2018
India $31.68K 2018
Bonaire $30.75K 2018